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Here is how you can make your wedding standout

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Just remember in 50s and ‘60s style hair-dos where the bride wears a retro-style or vintage dress and the guests dance the night away to all the classics from yesteryear. Couples are really enjoying old style wedding . Even some brides love to wear their mom's wedding dress. No doubt old Banarsi fabric is not available now a days.The quality and beauty is awesome. 9-Arrange a centrepiece in the middle. it’s very important to make sure the food is tasty and the drink is flowing throughout the day. Why not create edible centrepieces for your tables. A fruit platter or sweet selection with plenty of colours are delicious options. It gives some handy snacks for those guests with big appetites! Or you could go for paper installation or flowers or geometric shapes, either loose or in bell . These ideas are sure to fit just about any style of wedding and just goes to show how these little details can really make a difference. Make sure the guest really enjoy the marry time . People really love to have delicious food and drinks. The key to making your wedding stand out is all about finding those areas where you can add little quirks and touches that put your own unique stamp on the day. These are just a handful of quirky wedding ideas to give you some inspiration but we have plenty of experience creating original add-ons to make your wedding something extra special. Think about some funky ideas to be applied in wedding and have lots of fun and joy.

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